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Blog :: 09-2013

You Know What They Say About Those Who Assume...

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The old adage rings true in so many facets of life, real estate included, especially in todays unpredictable market. Buyers and Sellers alike are often concerned with questions that have no definitive answer. Am I looking at property too early if I cant close for another 5 months? Summer is over, should we just wait until next year to put our home on the market? Ive heard short sales are impossible, should we just skip those listings? And the list goes on. People are so concerned with pinpointing patterns and trends in the real estate market that they forget the most important factor ... TIMING. The house of your dreams comes on the market, with a Seller who wants to ideally close in 6 months, but you miss out to another Buyer because you werent aggressively looking or didnt have your financing pre-approval. You decide to wait until next spring to list your house, and a month later a relocation Buyer is in town for a weekend ready to make an offer and falls in love with your neighborhood. That short sale listing you had your eye on but skipped over ends up closing smoothly in 3 months with someone else. The bottom line is that if you make assumptions about anything in the current market, you may miss out on a really good opportunity. You cant control timing, but being ready certainly puts you ahead of the game!

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